When you need an Expert Witness in court, you’ll find Dr. Hylton Lightman to be a thoughtful, pragmatic and experienced medical voice (with a charming South African accent).

He can explain complex medical matters to laymen in a straightforward, objective way—bringing his years of international medical experience to bear.  Dr. Lightman’s areas of expertise include:

General pediatrics:  With over thirty years of clinical experience across a broad range of socioeconomic conditions, Dr. Lightman has seen just about everything in his practice.  He is qualified to testify about the effects of mold, lead poisoning, medications and much more.

Child and adolescent health in the Orthodox Jewish world:  As an observant Jew and active member of the Five Towns/Far Rockaway community, Dr. Lightman has seen and treated issues including developmental issues, drug and alcohol abuse and behavioral issues.

Impact of mold exposure on children:
After Hurricane Sandy, Dr. Lightman was able to see firsthand what happens when children are exposed to mold.  His compelling testimony will help make your case.

Emergency practice management during natural disasters:  When Hurricane Sandy hit the Rockaways, Dr. Lightman was able to set up a temporary practice in a nearby shul, ensuring that vital medical services were always available.  He consults and advises other communities on emergency-preparedness.


You can arrange for Dr. Lightman’s services as an Expert Witness by contacting his office manager, Leah Lightman.