There are very few pediatricians working in the United States today who have the depth and breadth of medical experience of Dr. Hylton Lightman.

Since he began his training and career in his native South Africa, he has seen and treated many diseases and conditions that are rarely seen in North America.  He has seen what happens when a population is not immunized against common childhood ailments and most doctors have never seen these.

Dr. Lightman is the “go-to” second opinion that many New York area pediatricians refer to when they’ve come up against complex and/or unfamiliar medical conditions in their patients.

For patients and their families, a second opinion from Dr. Lightman can instill confidence in a diagnosis and treatment plan before undertaking expensive or drastic treatments.  For second opinions, Dr. Lightman will see most adult patients.

Second opinion appointments are available with Dr. Lightman through his medical practice at Total Family Care.