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What happened to respect for authority?

What happened to respect for authority? Officer Miosotis Familia was buried last week.  Her family, including her now-motherless three children, remain immersed in grief.  She was a 12-year police veteran with the Anti-Crime unit.  On the fateful morning of July 5th, she was innocently sitting in a police vehicle in the Bronx.  The perpetrator (who […]

A Pediatrician’s Take on the Health Care Debate

Congress goes back into session next week with health care high on the agenda. So much is at stake that I feel compelled to jump in with my point of view–from my 35+ years on the frontlines of primary care as a pediatrician. Children are literally our future.  They should be center stage in this […]

Respect for our President

Don’t worry, this is not another political article.  It is a long-overdue observation about respect for the office of the American Presidency—from a Jewish perspective.   Controversy rages five months into Donald Trump’s term as our President.  Critics find fault with everything he does, from real policy decisions to where he drives his golf cart.  […]

Words Can Kill.

(An abbreviated version of this article appeared on AISH) My attention was riveted last week (as was much of the American legal community) on an important case that set a precedent:  Could a person be convicted of involuntary manslaughter on the basis of words alone?  Yes, according to Judge Lawrence Moniz of Bristol County (MA) […]


Every Kid Should Go to Summer Camp

Why summer camp is a must I think every child should go to summer camp.  And most experts agree with me.  Child development professionals recognize the camp experience – whether it’s day camp or overnight camp – as valuable in helping children to mature socially, emotionally, intellectually, morally and physically.  Psychologist and educator Dr. Peter […]